Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Designer Profile: Jamie Drake

Are you afraid of color? Designer, Jamie Drake definitely is not. Branded the "King of Colour", Drake is not afraid to take it there with his bold use of patterns, textures and color schemes. His glamourous designs have drawn clients such as Madonna and New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. His rooms have graced the covers of the leading interior design magazines and in 2003 he was inducted into Interior Design magazine's Hall of Fame.

I truly wish I was as brave as he. For a lot of people, the hardest thing about decorating a space is committing to a color. I myself recently had one wall re-painted three times!! For Drake, there are no taboo color combinations, he shows us how to be fearless.

I have a gazillion colors in my head at any given moment," says designer Jamie Drake. "If a client has a fabulous antique rug, I'll look at the colors and note down: 'blue plum.' I can read my notes two days later and get that color pretty much on the money." Does he test colors before applying them to a client's walls? The very idea seems almost to offend him: "I pick the color, it goes up, and it's right." Jackie Cooperman-Departures Magazine-Jul/Aug-2002

Ha! If only it was that easy. Take a look at some of Drake's notable interiors. I hope they will inspire you to be confident with color. Pick up that paint brush and JUST DO IT! 

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