Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 Met Gala

The Met Costume Gala has always been where Stars take risks in fashion. This year was no exception. There were some exquisite gowns and some very questionable choices. The trends seemed to be the color tangerine and see-through lace and feathers. Check out my favorites and not-so-favorites below.

My FAVS!! I love a classic gown, you just can't go wrong. Spice it up with a vibrant color like Solange and Gennifer Goodwin. Fantastic!!

Oy! There was some risk-taking in this group. A lot of people loved Beyonce's dress, for me it was just too much. Definitely a grasp for attention. No matter how fit you are, I just don't see having your bottom exposed as being flattering. Maybe it's just me. The others were also quite disappointing especially when I've seen all of them look fabulous in the past. Tisk-tisk.

So who did you think did it best? Comment and let me know. To view all of the fashion choices from the 2012 Met Gala click here

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