Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time for a Change

We got a small taste of Fall here in Texas over the last week. It actually reached 68 degrees! The Spring and Fall have always been my favorite times of the year. For me it's always been a time for positive transformation. Well I've decided that I've become too consumed by TV, my computer and work. So I've turned off the cable, bought a bike and loaded tons of books onto my Kindle. I'm only two weeks in but I am loving the change. I'm spending more time outside, when I come home from work I turn on some music instead of the TV and before I fall asleep, I enjoy an hour of reading. I haven't been this relaxed all year! The Fall is a time for dropping bad habits and making changes for the better. What changes are you making to start 'living' again?

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  1. This just reminded me that i wanna watch the sunrise before the summer is out...


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