Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Your Style? Global Chic’s fashion editor Celia L. Smith is the epitome of Global Chic in this African inspired ensemble. Global Chic or Global/Ethnic Design is all the rave right now and you can find it everywhere from the runways to interiors. Global Chic is a style that incorporates textiles, patterns and artifacts from cultures of a particular region. A Global Chic interior is warm, inviting and reflects a well-travelled individual.

I think the best way to do this style well is to start with a neutral space and add punches of color with global accessories. It is very easy to go too far with this style. There is a fine line between global chic and global chaos! Remember, too many patterns and textures can overwhelm a space. Minimize the clutter and choose your pieces wisely. When I travel, I always purchase one special piece to incorporate into my interior. It's makes my space more personal and is a great conversation starter for guests. Have fun with this style! There are no rules, you can choose one particular culture or a combination of a few.

Enjoy surrounding yourself with fabulous finds from around the world!

Antique Chinese Wedding CabinetHand Carved Senufo Stool • Banafrit Décor Gold Gilded African Mask
EasternHomeDecor Ikat Pillow CoversSerena & Lily Havana Stools

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  1. Thanks for featuring my mask! I love all of the other items in this post... I am definitely on Team Bohemian Global Chic!

  2. Completely agree about the fine line. I love the mask (which I collect) and baskets. It's timely because I'm going to Milwaukee's African World Festival tomorrow. Can't wait to see the stuff vendors are selling at the market (and the food)...

  3. @Gina You're very welcome lady!!

    @Miya Enjoy the festival tomorrow! I'm so jealous! :) Love your blog...I just added it to my daily reading list.


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