Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brunch with a Purpose!

I gathered my fellow lady entrepreneur friends for a little potluck brunch...and my was it the best potluck ever! Not only are these ladies super talented but they can really cook! We had shrimp and grits, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, mini quiches, french toast bites and tons of other yummy treats.
It was delish!

Now, it wasn't all eating and play, we did get down to business...eventually. =) We shared our joys and woes of being business owners, helped each other with goals and product development and simply offered motivation to each other. The end of the year is always a struggle but we realized, now is the time to reenergize. The new year is only a few months away and now's the time to develop plans for the future. The brunch was so inspiring and we all feel so renewed! If you're a business owner I strongly recommend that you gather your fellow entrepreneurs for a pow wow. There's so much that we can share and learn from each other!

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  1. Such pretty food presentations and a great party idea. Nothing better than being surrounded by like minded individuals who encourage and help motivate you. And do so with genuine happiness.

    1. Yes! It was so refreshing...we all needed a boost! =)

  2. Seriously, Angela...
    This was awesome! I learned and lot and am even more inspired! Thanks, again!

    1. You're welcome lady! We'll do it again real soon!

  3. Wish I was invited... That food looks delish!!!


    1. Hi Marie! The food was sooo delish! Thanks for visiting!! =)


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