Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: We Bid You Adieu

It's a NEW YEAR! 2013 is upon us and it's once again time to begin anew. Exhale. I am very excited about this year!! I must say that I accomplished a lot in 2012. I started a business, launched my blog, fell in love with Dallas, had a GREAT vacation and started planning for an upholstery fabric line. I'm expecting even more accomplishments for this year. It's time to put our plans into place, explore those ideas we've had on the back burner and take a leap of faith towards our dreams. =) Let's get to moving!

1. My home. For the first time in my life, I went girly. I upgraded my decor with bling, faux fur, gold, silver and tons of sparkle. I'm in love! I naturally gravitate to earth tones and neutral palettes but this year something changed. I felt happy and sparkly and I wanted my decor to reflect that.
A little change is always good!

2. Summer was a blast! Movies in the park, dining with friends and a fantastic trip to my favorite southern city, Savannah, GA! Currently this is the only US city where I've been able to totally relax. You must visit! Check out my vacation pics here

3. Business n' Bites Brunch: I gathered my entrepreneur lady friends for a brunch with a purpose. We exchanged ideas, talked product development and set goals for the future. If you're a business owner, I highly suggest having a similar event. It gave each of us the motivation we needed to stay on track.
More brunch details here

4. One of my goals for this past year was to explore a different area of Dallas each weekend. I actually pulled it off! We sometimes get so wrapped up with work and our daily routines that we don't explore the cities we live in. I treated my weekends like a tourist and discovered some treasures.
Here are a few of my new found favorites:
Home Store - {neighborhood}
Coffee Shop - Ascension Coffee
Restaurant - Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar
Beer Bar - Craft and Growler
Afterwork Hangout: The Cedars Social
Favorite Neighborhood - Vanguard Way

5. There were tons of great events this year. My favorite had to be Girls' Night Out where a few of my friends were vendors. It was tons of fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Check out the fun we had here.

Well 2012 it's been great but now it's all about 2013! There will be new additions to the blog and an upcoming online shop. Stay tuned!

Thanks for hanging with me throughout the year and I hope you continue to visit.
Many blessings and again, Happy New Year!

hugs 'n kisses


  1. Sounds like 2012 was a wonderful year for you. I wish you all the luck on your new ventures for 2013!

    1. Thanks Marie! I wish you all the best in 2013 too!!

  2. Love the idea about being a tourist in your own. I had those intentions but never got around to it so will put forth more of an effort here.

    1. Oh you should! I bet you'll be surprised at how much you discover. It gave me a new found appreciation for Dallas because I was not feeling it at all before. lol Now I'm loving it!


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