Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Embellished Walls via Lacquer & Linen

I love this post by Sarah of Lacquer & Linen on her favorite trend of 2013, Embellished Walls. Wallcoverings can be pricey, so DIYs are a great way to dress up your walls inexpensively. All it takes is a little creativity and you can give your walls a complete makeover. The vintage shutters are ingenious! It's like your very own cozy B&B. I don't think I ever would have thought of that.

View more lovely embellished walls here and here.

Embellished Walls5 2013 Design Trend: Embellished Walls
Embellished Walls2 2013 Design Trend: Embellished Walls
Embellished Walls  2013 Design Trend: Embellished Walls


  1. *dreamy eyes* at the embellished book pages wall!

  2. Just realized I have never commented on your blog! Even though I read it all the time! Love it! I hope you don't mind but I was given a small blogging award (The Versatile Blogging Award) and thought I would pass the award on to you too!!! xoxo! Check my blog for the deets!!


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