Friday, January 4, 2013

Magazine Crush

I'm so embarrassed. Why am I just discovering the awesomeness that is Livingetc Magazine? For me, things haven't been quite the same since Domino Magazine left. Now Livingetc has filled that void! Unfortunately it's pretty expensive to have a subscription in the US but you can find it at your local bookstore. The images, home tours, designer profiles and product features are pure joy. This is currently my go-to magazine for inspiration. If you haven't checked it out, but I'm probably sure you have. Let me know what you think. Happy Friday!


  1. Angela,

    I love this mag! I also love Domino. I have all my old issues in storage. :)

    1. too!!! Every time I move, I dread packing and moving all of my domino magazines. lol It's worth it. =)


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