Friday, March 8, 2013

Actor B.D. Wong's Incredible Loft

It's Friday and thank goodness we made it y'all! For a little weekend inspiration, I wanted to share this beautiful space that belongs to actor, B.D. Wong. His profession is storytelling and every inch of his home in some way tells a story too. Once a Yiddish Theatre, it has been transformed into a warm, colorful, welcoming home filled with momentos and collections that reflect his personality. I love the idea of surrounding yourself with pieces from your past. He rescued a pew from the church where his parents wed and his grandmother's bed sits proudly in his guest room. I absolutely adore this space and it puts the fire in me to start collecting more. I think I'll get started this weekend. =)

Have a great one everyone. Get plenty of rest and have loads of fun!!

More photos of this amazing space here.

Photos by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times


  1. Woah....that place looks amazing!!! I'm a sucker for all that wood it makes it look so cozy, and warm

    1. It does look super cozy! Glad you like the post and thanks for visiting!


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