Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Monday: It's April!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Wow, this year is really moving isn't it? For me it's just flying by and it's sure to be a busy first week of April. I saw this interior on Pinterest and it's so relaxing to me. It makes me want to just cuddle up in the corner of that sofa with a good book. That's my new goal for this month, to slow down, relax more and go back to the basics. I swear with all of this technology, actual reading and writing has been lost. I tried to write a check last week and it looked like a second grader wrote it. So, make a comfortable spot in your home to retreat to. Read a book, listen to some records or write in your journal. Let's make more time to enjoy the moment.


  1. How cozy! Really love the wood table and bookshelf wall.

  2. Totally love!especially the wooden table...

    1. Isn't it dreamy! :-) Thanks for visiting!


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