Monday, June 10, 2013

Alt Summit NYC: Mini Freak Out!!

I must admit, I had a slight freak out this weekend about my outfit for Alt Summit NYC. Because it's one of the shorter conferences and one long day of events, you need to be comfortable but chic, yet appropriate for day and night. You want your style to represent your brand and somehow measure up to the other 300 cool, creative, stylish attendees. Oy vey! 

I've been shopping like a crazy woman and I've tried on tons of clothes but still could not make a decision. With less than a week before departing to New York I decided to call on a friend to come over and help me through this madness. After some much needed wine and an hour long fashion show, you know what we decided on? Something that was already in my closet. Seriously?!! 

Isn't it funny how we stress over the smallest things? Well, the outfit is decided on and the business cards are finally being assembled. Only 10 more short days to go! Whoo hoo!


  1. I spent basically all weekend shopping around for my Alt NYC outfit too!! So excited to see/meet everyone there!

    1. Thanks for visiting Kate! I can't wait to meet everyone either!! See you soon. =)

  2. I feel exactly like that except my issue is for a friend's wedding reception. I bought a dress from H&M but I'm not the dress type. So I may end up wearing something I already own after having bought new accessories and everything LOL


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