Thursday, August 8, 2013

INTERIORS: Glam It Up with Purple

As you probably can tell from the blog, I love pink and purple. I use purple a lot in my graphic designs, yet, I've never used it in my decor. Purple isn't an easy color to use in an interior, but these rooms below pull it off perfectly. This is definitely not the crayon purple of our childhood. The layering of purple hues refines the color scheme, while adding complementing colors and metallics tones it down. What do you think of these color schemes? Could you live in a predominantly purple room?


  1. I sure could and my bedroom is combo of a deep plum color and mulberry tones. Purple in general is my second fav color next to black anyway. Most of the shades are regal and not Barneyesque.

    1. Plum and mulberry sounds divine ...and perfect for a bedroom.!


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