Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet Our Contributors!

Hi guys! There's some changes happening around here. GOOD changes!! Three contributors are joining the team today. Please welcome Bridget, Cressida and Gina! I'm so very excited to have them. ♥ You can check out the contributor page here for more info on the team.

I started this blog only a year and half ago, and it has grown faster than I ever could have expected. There's even been a lot of amazing opportunities happening as of late (due to the blog), and it's keeping me busy, busy! So in order to keep the great content coming, these amazing ladies will be bringing fresh new ideas and topics. Yay!

Please be patient with me this week, as I tweak a few technical things. I'll try to make this transition as smooth as possible. =)

Again WELCOME ladies, and a great week to everyone!

hugs 'n kisses


  1. Hello contributors! - Patrick

  2. Super excited! Great way tot start the week!! xo ~Bridget

  3. I'm super duper excited, too! Thanks, Angela!


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