Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Defense of Chalkboard Paint


Chalkboard paint was really popular a few years ago, but why has the trend faded? Honestly, I still love having an 20 foot wall of dusty, chalky awesomeness in my kitchen. Maybe these reasons below can convince you that it's still useful, and really why care too much about what's 'in'? Do what's right for you. It's only paint. Trends shmends...

1. It's a great faux venetian plaster look, even if you never write on it. Cover a wall (or a really big canvas) with chalkboard paint, write all over it with chalk, erase it, and leave it like that. I think it looks amazing. I recommend using a slightly damp, clean rag to achieve this. Then put a bird on it, if you want. Or don't.
The photo above is a good example of the texture you'll get.  
Other colors available here if the classic chalkboard black (or green) doesn't appeal to you.

2. Scoreboards for game night. They are epic when they're on a huge wall. (even if you're losing, like I was here).  

3. Use it to create a backdrop for cute photos. Here's my holiday card from a few years ago. I drew the snowflakes, and my daughter sat for 30 seconds. Text was added later. 
Quinn, Christmas 2011

Appear really busy and important. Even if you're not. Here's my over-planned July 4th weekend. (not that much happened).


  1. Replies
    1. Do it!
      & thanks for reading! (*PS: IKEA has amazing chalk)

  2. I like the erased look and I still think they are wonderful for kids rooms and play areas and kitchens.

  3. I thought about making some framed wall prints with chalk board paint that can be used as ever changing visuals.


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