Monday, November 18, 2013

Home Depot's Holiday Style Challenge

I had such a blast participating in the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. Go HERE to check out my finished space!

I know a lot of fellow apartment dwellers feel discouraged when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Your space is too small for a tree, you have to work around mediocre finishes, or you'd just rather wait to decorate your future amazing house. Don't fret! Decorate away!! Your apartment is your home, and you should make it feel as such. A few quick tips when decorating a rental is to use small thumb tacks instead of nails. The holes can easily be filled with white tooth paste or spackling paste. For larger pieces of art, use an easel instead of mounting on the wall. If there's no room for a large tree, try a smaller tree on a table top or in front of a fireplace. They key is to think outside of the box. You may have to be a little creative but you can definitely make your home feel festive and full of cheer. Happy Holidays!
And a special thank you to my friends Cerissa, Garland, Kelli, Karie, Gina and Tammi for all of your help!


  1. love this wreath.. gonna get my glue gun and get inspired!! beautiful!!

    1. Thanks lady. Would love to see what you create! =)

  2. you done a wonderful job Angela and offered great tips

    1. Thanks Miya! I was super nervous but I think it turned out well. =)

  3. How did I miss this!! I love this Angela!! So nice to catch up on your blog today!:)


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